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FFA Learn about Bison

The Southwest FFA  students had a chance to listen Darrell Meister, from Hawaii, but a member of the Nebraska Bison Association. On Monday, January 19 he spoke on the history of bison which showed that bison migrated to North America over 20,000 years ago. During the 1900s they were nearly hunted to extinction by the settlers after their numbers had risen to almost 30 million bison in North America the previous century. Some the . . . read more

Southwest A&P Class Attends Career Discovery Days

On Tuesday, February 24th, Southwest High School Anatomy students attended Career Discovery Days at McCook Community Hospital. The group had the chance to experience a few of the many careers in the medical field. Out of all of the careers that the students had the chance to tour and learn about, there were a few that grabbed their . . . read more

Letter from the Superintendent - April 2015

Now that spring has arrived comes that last flurry of activity that makes the end of the school year rush by. It also, unfortunately, provides students the opportunity to “drop the ball” before they finish and miss out on some tremendous learning time. The NeSA testing window will be with us until May so our young people will be . . . read more


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