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Letter from the Superintendent - September 2015

This is the time of year that the budgeting process for 2015-2016 gets finalized. With valuations beginning to stabilize (although we aren’t there yet), my hope is that this year the Unicameral will be able to come up with a more equitable form of generating revenue for entities such as schools that will relieve property owners of such a substantial burden of the taxes paid. I am happy to say that we have been able to propose a . . . read more

Annual SPED Record File Destruction

The Nebraska Department of Education Rule 51 requires that procedures be designed to insure the destruction of data five years after the data is no longer needed to provide educational services.  This applies to confidential data maintained by the school district and agencies which share this data. To insure that the destruction . . . read more

Make Every Day Count: Boost School Attendance

To stay on track in school, students need to be present every day. Missing 18 or more days of school in a year puts a child’s high school graduation at risk, according to BoostUp.org, a national dropout prevention campaign. Being absent for just two days every month of the school year can put a child behind academically. . . . read more


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