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    Knights of Columbus

    A big thank you to the Knights of Columbus, who volunteered to run the concession stand Wednesday May 4th for elementary field day at the High School track.  We appreciate their help with the concession stand, as well as all of the things they do to help our community!

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  • Letter from the Superintendent - May 2016

    It is amazing that the end of the school year is upon us and we will soon be saying goodbye to another group of Seniors. Best wishes to them in all their future endeavors. It is always interesting to hear about what life is like once they move on to college, service, or careers.

    We would like to offer our patrons options on how they receive their newsletters next year. The cost of postage, printing and paper as well as the time folding and taping the newsletter is an area that we felt perhaps we could streamline by offering the newsletter electronically (by e-mail) for those who choose to receive it that way. Some folks have mentioned they like to put the calendar of events and school menu up on the refrigerator but read the rest of the newsletter and throw that away. They could easily print the calendar or menu and use it that way. Please be aware that we will continue to send the newsletter in its current form to all patrons who wish to continue delivery that way. There are also folks who receive the newsletter who no longer want to receive it and would like to be taken off the mailing list. For any changes please call Natalie Meyers at 308-692-3223 and she will gladly make the change you want. We want to be as user friendly as possible and will gladly keep you on the regular paper list, put you on the e-mail list, or take you off all-together if that is your wish. Just let Natalie know and she will take care of it. The newsletter will always be on our webpage, as well.

    With summer almost upon us, it is important that all kids get a healthy break and get out and get plenty of exercise. It is also important, however, that they continue to exercise their minds, do some reading, visit a local museum, or get to a park. Have fun, but stay mentally active, kids!




    R. Todd Porter

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