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Letter from the Superintendent - November 2017

When the senior banners go up in the commons area of the Junior/Senior High School, it really hits home that we have another group of seniors that will be moving on in just a very few short months. Being a parent of two of them, it hits home even more. For those of you who are knee deep in the elementary experience, this time will come sooner than you may want to believe. Days and weeks may go slowly, but the years go quickly. Cherish them while you can.

One of the things that has been a good experience for our family is that we had children that were involved in some similar activities, but many different ones, as well. We have found that a) it is very valuable for your child to be involved in extracurricular activities, and b) it is important to embrace what it is that your child enjoys/has a strong interest in. Our kids were not the same and certainly did not fit the mold of any other child in school. They all were unique, were talented in different areas, and we encouraged them to embrace that difference. Our kids may have excelled in an area that other kids did not, and vice-versa. Being able to discuss the “high school experience” with my own now college junior, he remembers his activities fondly but really talks a great deal about what prepared him for success at the next level. It revolved around being able to critically think, be persistent, and follow directions. Kids move on and find their way. Activities can be a great and important part of preparation for that next step. Encourage it, while remembering that all children are unique and have their own likes and abilities. Kids can be strong in one area but not as much in another. That’s a good thing. Involvement in activities develops better attendance and better grades overall, as well.

When November hits we are well past the mid-point of the first semester, so if you have a child that needs to get after a class grade, now is the time for them to get on it. Set up a time to visit with the teacher. Teachers are willing and able to help children achieve. The number one culprit of a struggling student is usually poor attendance. Another major factor is the lack of turning in work. Each semester I see one or two students that try to make up a semester of missing assignments in a couple of days. First of all, most teachers won’t accept that late of work. Secondly, now is the time to pick up the pace. Ask your child each day if they have homework to do or anything to study for (tests, quizzes, etc.) Finally, check your child’s grades on Infinite Campus. You can see their grades, assignments, test scores, etc., each and every day, 24 hours a day. Send an e-mail to their teachers. They will respond very quickly. Student and parent participation is vital.


R. Todd Porter