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Letter from the Superintendent - May 2018

As we approach summer break, many kids and parents alike wonder what they will fill their
time with after school is out. One of the much researched issues educators and parents alike
deal with is the regression many kids make in terms of academic achievement over the
summer. Summer can be a great opportunity to fit in some important learning opportunities,
which include keeping kids physically active. They need to get outside and play, participate,
whatever you want to call it. That doesn’t mean that every child will be on an organized team
sport or attend sports camps, but the chance to be outside and walk, run, play catch, fish, help
in the yard, ride a bike, etc., is important.

There are many activities that can help your child gain academic enrichment over the summer.
There are many free camps, workshops, activities in 4-H, church activities, library activities; that
can be absolutely free to be a part of. If you can, send your child to a camp this summer. If you
can get your child into swimming lessons, that can be a lifesaving skill. Find something that
interests your child and keep them busy. You’ll be surprised at how many activities you can find
that will be a positive and keep your child’s mind learning and active. Always, always know who
you child is with and what kind of company they are keeping. Let’s keep our children safe.

Most importantly, read something. Read anything. It doesn't need to be an actual book,
although reading books and building a strong vocabulary will help each and every student. The
act of reading something, whether that be in print or on a screen, is reading, and developing
and maintaining that skill. Reading is the central aspect of almost every subject, since
understanding what a task is or what is going on in any particular class usually revolves around
reading and listening skills. A manual on how to use a tool or put together a bike is technical
reading, a very important skill. Read, read, and read. It will help fight that regression in
academic skills that can occur over the summer break.

Have a very pleasant summer!

R. Todd Porter, Superintendent